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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

How much can you save by your world-class treatment in India ?

The best part about treatment in India is that you enjoy world-class medical advantages at a fraction of the cost in comparison with destinations like US, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Here are some examples of your medical price savings as well as some of your medical questions answered as such;

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) is the reason for 55.7% of hospital stays (billed to Medicare).

Next on the list is angioplasty, accounting for 48.7% of hospital stays.

And what do you save when you get treated in India? If you come for bypass surgery, you will save over 75%, even after taking airfares and local stay into consideration.

Case Study : An 87 year old US citizen who needed a mitral valve replacement turned to India as no hospital would touch him being a high risk patient. He underwent a triple by-pass surgery years ago that cost him $40,000 in contrast the mitral valve surgery, a more complex and expensive surgery cost only $8,000 here in India. (The patient’s damaged mitral valve was replaced with a bio-prosthetic valve whose life is said to be 15 years.)

Source: The India Post Newspaper publication, USA; Feb. '05)

Qus . : Is India really a better place to get medical treatment ?

Ans. : Yes , Currently India receives patients from over 50 countries across the world. Here are some reasons behind its emergence as the preferred healthcare destination :

The cost of medical care in India is very low when compared to that in many western countries. Click * here for an instant comparison of average rates for surgeries done by hospitals in India and in the US or UK.

India has a vast reservoir of skilled doctors. Many of them have proved their mettle in the US and UK and returned to India to work in hospitals here. The caliber of other doctors practicing in India is also of a very high order.

Qus . : I always thought India was a poor nation of snake charmers and rope tricks. How then can it offer world-class health care, that too at minimal costs ?

Ans.: India has all along been a knowledge-oriented nation. However, it never had a chance to showcase its expertise. The revolution in Information Technology changed the rules of the game. And India made complete use of the knowledge base built by its English - speaking engineers to come out and display its immense capabilities.

And now for the costs. India is a diverse economy where a family of four can live comfortably, without debt, on a monthly income of just $300. As a result, the costs of services and products too have stayed at extremely low levels.

Now, thanks to the world becoming inter-connected and people being more willing to explore other nations, India has emerged as a preferred source of low cost healthcare. An extremely welcome alternative to the prohibitive costs prevalent in the western countries.