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Emergancy Service

24 X 7 Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Ayushman Hospital has a full-fledged emergency department. Ayushman Hospital also has the reputation of being one of the fastest responding hospitals in an emergency. Whether it is any type of case, it is possibly the safest place to come to for prompt medical attention. Dept. of Emergency Care has been catering to various medical emergencies by appropriate Triaging, resuscitation and stabilization followed by suitable investigations. Besides, the department is fully equipped to carry out any procedures. Round the clock ambulance service is available.

24 Hours Pharmacy

A unique aspect of Ayushman Hospital is the medicine stacking and inventory management system following the ISO guidelines. All medicines are stored in the correct environmental conditions so that the efficacy and potency of the drugs do not deteriorate.

24 Hours Ambulance

Ambulance services are available in the hospital for 7x24x365 days. Ambulance service is provided to patients when required.

Casualty Services

We have a fully functional Casualty department ready to handle any sort of emergency manned by qualified casualty medical officers who will be available round the clock to handle any casualties that may come in. In addition to it, consultants from other departments are also available round the clock. Also available round the clock are an anesthesiologist and a radiologist.

Complex Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery We specializes in treatment of complex musculoskeletal trauma, neglected ,ununited fractures and foot and ankle injuries.

Pelviacetabular Trauma

These are complex fractures of the pelvic and acetabulum which are major killers in any accident. We are specializes in various Arthroscopic procedures.

Emergency Call :-

For Alaipur, G.T. Road, Varanasi. - 0542-2214277 / 2214677 / 9935390033

For Birdopur, Mahmoorganj, Varanasi. - 0542-2360181 / 2362913 / 9935391119